What is the Impact of STEP?

STEP has been empirically evidenced to reduce the achievement gap in elementary school students. The program is completed over 2 academic years, which allows students to progress with improved physical literacy skills. The STEP Program focuses on 3 main skills: balance, eye-tracking, and coordination. Each student completes 2 exercises comprised of one or more of these skills in their morning session and repeats them again in the afternoon. Students also enjoy the benefit of 100 minutes of extra exercise per week and the program embeds the idea of daily physical exercise into a student’s routine.

STEP can be completed by almost any student, but the greatest impact is shown on those in the lower quartile of the classroom. On the latest study of over 100 students, the following improvements were shown:

How was the STEP Pilot Study carried out?

We are STEP. We are committed to bringing physical literacy to students around the world to improve progress and achievement—regardless of background

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The long term aim of STEP is to bring physical literacy into the lives of every child.

Please mention the STEP Program to teachers in your school.