Conor Davey STEP Physical Literacy CEO talks to Mississippi Radio on the #SuperTalk Gallow Show

Conor Davey STEP Physical Literacy CEO talks to Mississippi Radio on the #SuperTalk Gallow Show about why over 40 districts have adopted the STEP Program in their schools

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Franklin County Schools - Physical Literacy Teacher Training

A Group of Educators at Franklin County Schools Take Part in Physical Literacy Training

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ESCCO implement STEP Physical Literacy in Groveport Madison School District

Education Service of Center of Central Ohio - Glendening Elementary School have partnered with the ESC of Central Ohio to implement STEP physical literacy exercises.

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Physical Literacy Case Study - Scott County

Scott County School District was seeking a solution for students whose reading performance was significantly below their potential, as perceived by their teachers. STEP

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STEP into the US! Itawamba County School District teacher training

“I thought it was going to be crazy,” Holcomb said. “Exercises that help you concentrate? I don’t know about that.” But her last test proved something had changed. It was more than just her grade, which was a significant jump from the previous test...

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MSP's debate STEP in The Scottish Parliament

Scotland are showing an interest in STEP. Parliament considers; introducing it would be of benefit to all state primary schools in Mid Scotland and Fife and across the country

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Governor Bryant welcomes Betsy DeVos and talks about more support for great teachers in the US

Governor Bryant welcomes Betsy DeVos and more support for great teachers in the US - watch him learning about The STEP Program on News Channel JVTV12

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STEP this way...

A short animation on the impact of STEP physical literacy

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Kenny Logan talks on camera to Edinburgh Mums

Edinburgh Mums is a free smartphone app giving discounts and treats to mums across the Lothians. It's free and available on iOS & Android. Their research team recently interviewed Kenny Logan about how it felt to grow up with a learning disability.

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Independent Coach Education writes: how PE is proven to improve performance on & off the pitch

Independent Coach Education explores the childhood obesity epidemic against the holistic development of pupils – and where better to start than introducing PE lessons to young children. ICE champions STEP physical literacy in primary school aged children

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STEP into Florida with Carla Buford of Jefferson County School District

Students attending the 5th Annual Global O’hana Institute Conference in Florida demonstrate how it feels to be a committed physical literacy ace by enjoying specifically designed cerebellum exercises from The STEP Program.

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Mississippi teacher makes an impact on International Radio

Mississippi’s Stephanie Cotnam, appeared on BBC radio this week to talk about the positive impact STEP physical literacy has had on the children she works with at Lake Elementary School. Broadcasting live from the Highlands of Scotland meant a 4am start!

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Kenny Logan - physical literacy champion

Kenny Logan spoke to The Press and Journal in Scotland about how he felt when his children learned to read… because Kenny struggled with dyslexia. His feelings of failure were so traumatic that he left school without much hope of being ‘normal'

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STEP says no child left behind in Dyslexia Awareness Month

The British Dyslexia Association states that unidentified Specific Learning Difficulties can lead to emotional distress, frustration and poor self-esteem in later life. STEP aims to empower children with the ability to achieve from a young age.

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Making a STEP change for our youngsters.

Elizabeth Smith (MSP) writes in Think Scotland about how to improve attainment with a focus on why Kenny Logan champions The STEP Programme - physical literacy in schools for children aged 7-13. Data shows that 1 in 5 children need support like STEP.

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Physical Literacy and its Proven Impact on Classroom Performance.

The idea of sport and general physical activity adding value to education is almost universally accepted. Within the independent sector it is demonstrated by the success of the IAPS sporting events calendar. David Hanson explains why he backs STEP

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