schools can demonstrate the impact of pupil premium and sport premium
is proven to work regardless of socio-economic background
is personalised and can be included in an individual learning plan
delivers impact reports to show individual pupil progress

STEP Physical Literacy

The STEP Programme is an individualised physical literacy programme used by schools to impact on academic performance, pupil behaviour, resilience, physical development, wellbeing and self-esteem.

It prompts significant improvement in struggling pupils aged 7-13 who are in the lower quartile of the classroom who are not meeting their full potential or hitting attainment milestones.

Each pupil follows their own bespoke programme undertaking 2 x 10 minute STEP sessions at the beginning and end of the school day performing specific exercises to improve their balance, eye-tracking and coordination.

The Programme lasts for 2 academic years and is delivered by the school’s own staff, usually teaching assistants who are comprehensively trained. The STEP Programme is hosted online so can be confidently included in individual learning plans and follow a pupil who may change schools.

STEP provides year-round support to schools as well as progress and impact reports on the individual pupils. As a head teacher so you can clearly measure the effectiveness of introducing STEP into your school.

Since the STEP Programme was introduced in 2014 over 1500 pupils have now completed it across schools in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the US. Have a look at the impact of STEP Physical Literacy below.

Pilot Study
2015/16 Results

The percentage of children improving from below target attainment to on or above target attainment in key academic skills during the 2015/2016 STEP Pilot Study.

Pilot Study
2015/16 Results
Improved Student Ability to Achieve
Improved Self-confidence

“With consistency, commitment, accuracy and dedication you will see results - so go for it, why wouldn’t you?”

Teacher, Ashford School

The STEP Programme offers teachers the opportunity to manage behaviour issues with an online resource that engages a struggling student in a course of fun, repetitive exercises and automatically logs progress giving visibly positive results.

The STEP Programme Exercises

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“In the short time that we have been involved in the STEP Programme in our school, the impact has been incredible.

The effect STEP has had on pupil behaviour and engagement of learners is quite staggering. An example being of one child who refused to participate in any type of reading session in class for the whole academic session, now participating in a session, talking about a text and reading aloud to peers daily! All children have made significant progress and for some pupils it is simply astounding! We are extremely excited to be involved with STEP in our school and are happy to share this with anyone who would like any additional information.”

Lindsey Walker, Head Teacher St. Luke's Primary School, Midlothian