An Outcomes Based Programme

Data and evidence are at our core. From the start of our journey we wanted to ensure that we could measure the impact of STEP on pupils and determine whether it could be used in scale as a means of helping struggling learners. To date, over 1500 pupils have successfully completed the STEP Programme in the US, UK and Ireland with very positive results. We collect academic data on the pupils who take part in STEP, before, during and after the Programme in order to produce impact reports.

What is the empirical evidence resulting from the STEP Pilot Study?

The STEP Pilot Study was designed and led by the IAPS Education Committee and involved over 100 children across 17 schools. All the data was independently analysed and the interviews with pupils, teachers and parents independently conducted under the leadership of Dr Simon Moore and his team of behavioural psychologists.

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“IAPS has worked closely with STEP during the last two years, advising and assisting the development of their Programme. We have been deeply impressed with the team’s dedication, willingness to listen and to adapt. STEP is a Programme that has the opportunity to provide significant lasting impact on childrens’ physical and emotional well-being, whilst also showing a direct link to academic improvement. IAPS is pleased to now be in a position to endorse STEP.”

Mark Brotherton – Director of Education IAPS


Case Studies

Interested in carrying out a case study?

Every time there is a case study we learn something new and the feedback from teachers and educators about the wider benefits they see from STEP encourages us to look at new areas of study. The findings and analyses help our education advisors and partners guide STEP and refine the Programme. We are extremely grateful to the schools, teachers, educators and students who have taken part in studies. Below is a list of some of the areas we are interested in measuring. If there is a listed area you would be keen to explore within your school setting then please contact us we would be delighted to work together.

STEP is currently looking for school partners to further explore the impact of the Programme on:

The long term aim of STEP is to bring physical literacy into the lives of every child.

Please mention the STEP Programme to teachers in your school.