Why Should You Introduce STEP? - Hear what other teachers think

If you think that the STEP Programme could be of benefit to your struggling learners then contact us today to GET READY, GET STEP, GO!

  1. Introductory call to talk through the STEP Programme in detail and understand what challenges you are seeking to overcome. Together we will identify a suitable start date.
  2. Complete the registration forms and nominate a STEP Lead from within the school’s leadership team.
  3. We will then assign your STEP Success and Support Officer who works with your STEP Lead to
    • Identify the staff most suited to deliver the Programme
    • Determine the best delivery model and timetable for your school
    • Give guidance on pupil selection
    • Understand your assessment framework and agree key dates for reporting
  4. You identify a suitable date for in school teacher training (1/2 day).
  5. Pupil profiles are created and the strengths and difficulties questionnaire completed.
  6. Start the STEP Programme with your pupils!

What you can expect from STEP

  1. Your STEP Success and Support Officer monitors school and pupil performance each week and provides year-round support as well as ongoing best practice training.
  2. We hold a 1 month review to evaluate how well the Programme has been implemented and received by teachers and pupils.
  3. We provide you with termly progress reports on how your pupils’ individual STEP journeys are progressing. This includes information you can share with parents or include in a main school report.
  4. We provide impact reports in line with your assessment schedule to monitor academic improvements and allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of STEP in your school.

Teacher Training for the STEP Programme

There are two critical success components to the STEP Programme, commitment and accuracy. We know how committed educators are to improving the educational outcomes of their pupils and our comprehensive teacher training ensures they have a solid understanding of how to deliver the STEP Programme to the highest standard as well as the importance of their role in mentoring pupils throughout their journey.

Our training has been developed by Professor Geraint Jones, Dean of Education at the University of Buckingham, England’s largest provider of teacher training and ranked top in the for student satisfaction. Professor Jones has an established history in using physical literacy to improve attainment having developed the internationally acclaimed Wake’n’Shake Programme.

Staff leave the training programme certified as STEP Mentors and are provided with a resource pack to refer to when the STEP Programme begins in school. Their learning doesn’t end there as your school’s STEP Success and Support Officer will continue to provide ongoing bite sized training allowing staff to develop their expertise in STEP.

We can offer training during inset days or after school sessions and you can train up to 30 members of staff at a time.

Funding STEP

STEP can be funded from:

  • Pupil Premium
  • Sport Premium
  • SEND Allowance
  • PEF
  • Support for Learning allowance