Individual Learning

Technology continuously develops at lightning speed, allowing us to deliver teaching and learning individually. We believe IEPs should mean exactly that – Individual Education Plans. Teachers also need to record each child’s progress and with the STEP Programme, results are harvested online – making life simpler and smarter.

The 21st century classroom has more adaptability than NASA had throughout the whole of the Apollo missions.

Working closely with Microsoft, we will integrate ICT hardware and software that enables the STEP Physical Literacy Programme to fall seamlessly alongside creative development targets. Throughout 2017 our development of interactive STEP consoles will enable children’s performance to be measured even more accurately and with less burden on supervising staff.

Microsoft Education

“Empower every student to achieve more.”

Working alongside Microsoft for almost three years now, we have sought to identify how technology, hardware and software, can be used to improve the accuracy of STEP, the outcomes and the student experience. We have exciting plans in the making that we will look to realise with the further assistance and support of both Microsoft and Microsoft Education.

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Pilot Study

STEP ran a controlled pilot in 17 schools with 106 students – read more here

Children were assessed both qualitatively and quantitatively every 3 months throughout the year-long study. After independent verification and analysis, STEP was empirically proven to improve academic performance, sporting ability, classroom participation and well-being.

The STEP child embarks on a journey that starts with fun ten minute exercises twice a day and as they encounter success they naturally feel empowered which makes them more curious, principled, open-minded and reflective.

Physical Literacy 2019

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