MSP's debate STEP in The Scottish Parliament

Wednesday 11th January marked a milestone in STEP’s journey to improve learning outcomes for primary school children in Scotland. Liz Smith MSP, Shadow Education Secretary, proposed a motion that personalised physical literacy such as the STEP Programme could be used to tackle the attainment gap in Scottish Primary Schools.  Cross party support had already been received for the motion, demonstrative that the issue of getting pupils access to the most impactful resources available is something all parties agree upon.

The SNP confirmed that John Swinney, Education Secretary is looking forward to meeting with the STEP Team on 25th January where we hope he will agree to Liz Smith’s request to commission a Scottish trial of STEP beginning in August 2017.

The STEP Programme works by focusing on core physical skills that then leads to improved cognitive functioning and advanced technology enhancements mean it is bespoke to each child. It is this personalisation, addressing a pupil’s individual needs, that makes STEP so impactful.

Unlike programmes that focus on a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia or ADHD, STEP is not uniquely a Special Educational Needs intervention and can add benefit to any pupil, the greatest improvements being shown by those in the lower quintile of the classroom.

You can watch the debate below and contact us if you want to receive updates following our meeting with Mr Swinney.