is proven to accelerate academic growth
is personalized to the needs of each student
impacts social-emotional well-being for the Whole Child
schools can report the impact of STEP on their students

The STEP Physical Literacy Program

STEP is a personalized physical literacy program which helps schools to improve academic performance and helps students improve their focus and behavior, resilience, overall academic achievement, well-being, and self-esteem

The web-based program for teachers and assistants aligns with state and national standards of instruction for students aged 7-13 in the first quartile of the classroom who are not meeting their full potential

Each student follows an individualized program of 7-10 minute STEP sessions, twice daily at the beginning and end of the school day, performing specific exercises to improve balance, eye-tracking, and coordination.

The program lasts for 2 academic years and is delivered by the school’s own staff, usually teaching assistants or aides who are comprehensively trained. The STEP Program is hosted online and therefore can follow a student who may change schools or teachers.

STEP provides year-round support to schools as well as progress and impact reports on the individual students. District- and building-level leadership can clearly measure the effectiveness of introducing STEP through usage and impact reporting.

Since the STEP Program was introduced in 2014, over 1500 students have now completed it in schools across the world. Take a moment to review the impact of STEP Physical Literacy below.

“STEP uses physical literacy to create new pathways for our students, and we have seen improvements in attendance, grades, and over a year's worth of reading growth! This program has given our students hope!”

Stephanie Cotnam, Scott County School District STEP Manager

Pilot Study
2015/16 Results

The percentage of children improving from below target achievement to on or above target achievement in key academic skills during the 2015/2016 STEP Pilot Study.

Pilot Study
2015/16 Results
Improved Student Ability to Achieve
Improved Self-confidence

“Our students are more aware in their classrooms, they retain information better, they are more outgoing, and they love the program!”

Dr. Sharon Hoye, Curriculum Director, Scott County School District

STEP offers teachers the opportunity to manage behavior issues with an online resource that motivates a struggling student in a course of engaging, repetitive exercises and automatically logs progress, giving visibly positive results.

STEP Partners


Microsoft believes that technology, combined with education, provides the path to enable individuals, communities and nations achieve their potential. A well-educated population is vital to ensure a successful future. Harnessing the power of technology to support innovation helps people all over the world think differently and solve problems in ways never before imagined.

The ESC of Central Ohio

Through direct instruction and quality professional development, the Educational Service Center of Central Ohio partners with districts to improve education for all students, particularly those with special needs. The ESC of Central Ohio offers robust educational consultancy through a growing list of programs including instructional coaching, administrative counseling, professional employment services, and business services. ESCCO is the largest Education Service Center in Ohio by student population served and boasts 28 districts as members.

“I am excited to see how emerging technologies can be used to help people in ways we have never imagined. Innovations in technology have the potential to make learning fun and engaging and can lead to the learning process being an even more rewarding experience.”

Liam Kelly, Microsoft UK


PREPS is Mississippi’s only statewide educational consortium. PREPS was organized over 40 years ago in 1976 as a non-profit organization dedicated to serving Mississippi Public Schools. PREPS is governed by a nine member board of directors made up of current Mississippi school district superintendents representing the congressional districts.

The STEP Programme Exercises

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“In collaboration with STEP, the ESC of Central Ohio is offering Central Ohio schools another tool to help improve academic success, boost achievement levels and provide a wholesome classroom experience for students. The STEP Physical Literacy Program is an approach that’s been proven on a global scale to bring value and evidence-based results to schools, educators and students. We’re excited about these implications and the possibilities that exist for our children.”

Dr. Tom Goodney, Superintendent of the ESC of Central Ohio