What is the Impact of STEP?

STEP has been empirically evidenced to reduce the achievement gap in elementary school students. The program is completed over 2 academic years, which allows students to progress with improved physical literacy skills. The STEP Program focuses on 3 main skills: balance, eye-tracking, and coordination. Each student completes 2 exercises comprised of one or more of these skills in their morning session and repeats them again in the afternoon. Students also enjoy the benefit of 100 minutes of extra exercise per week and the program embeds the idea of daily physical exercise into a student’s routine.

STEP can be completed by almost any student, but the greatest impact is shown on those in the first quartile of the classroom. On the latest study of over 100 students, the following improvements were shown:

A Data-driven, Outcomes-based Program

Data and evidence are the core basis for STEP. From the start of our journey we have sought to ensure that we could measure the impact of STEP on students and determine whether it could be used in scale as a means of helping struggling learners. To date, over 1500 students have successfully completed the STEP Program around the world with very positive results. We collect academic benchmark data on the students who take part in STEP, before, during, and after the program in order to produce impact reports.

Interested in carrying out a case study?

Every time STEP creates a case study we learn something new, and the feedback from teachers and educators about the wider benefits they see from STEP encourages us to consider new areas of study. The findings and analyses help our education advisors and partners guide STEP and refine the program. We are extremely grateful to the schools, teachers, educators, and students who have taken part in studies. Below is a list of some of the areas we are interested in measuring. If there is a listed area you would be keen to explore within your school setting then please contact us we would be delighted to work together.

STEP is currently looking for school partners to further explore the impact of the program on:

What is the empirical evidence resulting from the STEP Pilot Study?

We are STEP. We are committed to bringing physical literacy to students around the world to improve progress and achievement—regardless of background

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The long-term aim of STEP is to bring personalized physical literacy to every child so that all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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