When can we start STEP?

Pupils can start on the STEP Program at any stage during the school year and it takes a maximum of 2 academic years to complete depending on the child. We recommend beginning the Program close to the start of a term or immediately after half-term.

How old should pupils be when doing STEP?

The STEP Program is suitable for pupils aged 7 years and older and should be completed before they turn 13. The optimum time for enrolling on STEP is in Years 3 and 4.

How does STEP fit into the timetable?

The STEP Program consists of 2 exercise sessions per child, each lasting 10 minutes, completed twice every school day with at least a 5 hour gap between them. STEP exercises can be done during school hours or as part of before and after school clubs.

Each STEP coach can supervise 6 pupils in an hour and as they become more experienced can increase the number of students they are working with. Pupils completing exercises during the school day leave their usual classroom activity for 10 minutes and return after their STEP session.

What teaching resource do I need?

STEP students must be supervised by a certified STEP Coach who has completed the online training course. Teachers, teaching assistants, sports coaches, activity leaders, SEN coordinators or other school volunteers can all be trained easily. Each school should nominate a Lead STEP Coach who is responsible for coordinating STEP within your school and who can report to the Head Teacher on pupil progress and classroom impact.

The initial training takes under 3 hours, can be completed at school or remotely and we offer refresher training and updates throughout the year. If you would like to use an external provider to oversee your STEP pupils then please contact us to discuss options in your region.

Our STEP Success Team is on hand to offer support to Lead STEP Coaches and STEP Coaches within the school.

What facilities are needed?

Exercises should be completed in a space of at least 3m x 3m but it doesn’t need to be a sports hall. Classrooms, libraries, IT rooms and art rooms have all been utilised as STEP spaces. We provide you will all the equipment needed for pupils to complete their exercises but a wifi or internet connection is required as the STEP Program is accessed online.

How much does STEP cost?

The pricing for STEP varies, depending on the type of program and implementation required. For example, schools typically purchase the program for groups of students to be performed at school. State agencies contract with us to provide the program for their clients individually. And private individuals may have the option of accessing the program through our online program, or through the services of a local Licensed Professional.


In the case of schools, STEP licenses may be purchased on a per student seat basis. Site Licenses are sold in the form of an annual renewable license that includes a specified number of student seats. The annual license is renewable every 12 months, and schools have complete flexibility to determine which students are assigned to specific seats and may reassign or add students during the license year, as desired. Site Licenses may be subject to a minimum number of seats, depending on the district location, size, and local requirements.”

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