Children in Dallas - North Texas Region Start STEP Physical Literacy in 2018

After reviewing successful results in a number of schools, Region 10 ESC in Dallas, TX, invited STEP to attend the Region 10 ESC Counselor Symposium in Dallas to present information on the benefits of classroom-based Physical Literacy.

STEP CEO, Conor Davey, gave a keynote address to over 350 school counselors from where STEP will be implemented in 16 schools this year. HIs detailed talk explained how his own children provided the inspiration behind STEP physical literacy.

Region 10 ESC serves 860,000 students in North Texas, covering the Dallas, Texas, region providing educational services to more than 120 districts.

STEP are delighted to be chosen after hearing that their physical literacy exercises were selected through a referral by the ESC of Central Ohio. 

Region 10 ESC will provide training and support for STEP throughout North Texas (beginning this school year).

Director of Teaching and Learning Kim Gilson shares, "This is unlike anything we have ever seen. You must learn about this program!"

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