Children today are moving less

Rachel Pells, Education Correspondent for The Independent explains how research studies have identified the reality of school children not being physically capable for school. Competitive parenting, iPads and screens are all contributing to a decrease in child mobility that can impact on academic learning. Kids as young as four-years-old can not sit still or hold a pencil. 

Early-years specialists monitoring children of school age found a higher number experience problems with their balance and coordination than previously thought, ultimately affecting their ability to learn in class. Researchers from the University of Loughborough said the increase was partly a result of modern children being less active in their early years compared with previous decades, with typical movements associated with play and development reduced by the introduction of electronic toys and screens. 

STEP HQ could not agree more! We believe, and can prove, just like this article does - that there is a link between physical activity and cognative ability.

Professor Pat Preedy told Rachel, “Children today are moving less, they’re developing less well, and they’re learning less; we need to do something drastic to make sure children now and in the future get the movement they need to develop properly physically, intellectually and emotionally."

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