Clarksdale's confident kids

Presbyterian Day School is a private school located in Clarksdale, Mississippi.  It serves children in Pre-School through 6th grade.  The school's mission is to provide students with an excellent primary education.  They enrolled 19 students in STEP who could benefit from the exercises to help improve focus, behavior, confidence, social skills, and academics.  

Sissy Alderson is the physical education teacher and STEP coach that leads all the students through their exercises.  She loves STEP and includes STEP-type exercises in her daily warm-up for her physical education classes.  

The STEP team are extremely impressed with their commitment as they have maintained a high compliance - for many weeks, all 19 kids have had 100% compliance!

Presbyterian Day School STEP Physical Literacy      STEP physical literacy kids in Clarksdale

Sissy Alderson, PE teacher, says, "I have seen improvements in each student's self-esteem across the board... that's a huge deal! As their physical education teacher I also see balance and coordination improvements along with progress in hand and eye coordination. The 'one-on-one' approach with the kids builds a level of trust, so many can now feel comfortable getting problems off their chest during STEP, which helps me and all the faculty members know they may be having a bad day enabling us to better understand them."

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