ESCCO implement Physical Literacy in Groveport Madison School District

Glendening Elementary School have partnered with the ESC of Central Ohio to implement STEP physical literacy exercises - designed to benefit children academically by helping them develop basic coordination and attention skills.

Principal Curt Brogan is excited for the launch of the new program and is working with staff to provide additional training + resources as the initiative gets underway."

Tammy White, the Lead STEP Coach at Glendening and Lynn Buettner - also a STEP Coach will be pulling students from their classrooms to undertake carefully designed exercises performed for ten minutes twice a day.

25 students will have progress tracked and analyzed for effectiveness.

Says Dr Tom Goodney, Superintendent of the ESC of Central Ohio, "In collaboration with STEP, the ESC of Central Ohio is offering Central Ohio schools another tool to help improve academic success, boost achievement levels and provide a whilesome classroom experience for students. The STEP Physical Literacy Program is an approach that's been proven on a global scale to bring value and evidence-based results to schools, educators and students. We're excited about these implecations and the possibilities that exist for our children."

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