Jackson Public Schools 'Spring' into STEP!

While many students have difficulty with both math and reading, Barr Elementary School in Jackson, Mississippi have chosen to focus on enrolling students who struggle most with reading in The STEP Program

27 children in the 1st-3rd grade who scored in the first quartile on benchmark assessments (adminstered throughout the year) were selected to start the specially designed cognitive ability exercises this week. Teacher Assistants and Inclusion Teachers spent the last month training to coach kids in the fun, ten minute (twice daily) sessions. Everyone is excited to get started - even decorating a special door for students to STEP through... to the room designated to complete exercises.

Intervention Specialist, Shanita McDonald said, "STEP is a great physical literacy program and the students at Barr Elementary are very excited to start a new program that helps stimulate their critical thinking skills! Students, as well as our STEP coaches, are very engaged with this new program and we can't wait to get the entire school as well as the district on board with STEP!"

The STEP door... 

Doorway to success - STEP physical literacy for young children

STEP helps those that are at high risk academically. If you would like to know more, click the Contact Us button at the top of this page.