Kenny Logan - physical literacy champion

Rugby player Kenny Logan this week spoke to The Press and Journal in Scotland about how emotional he felt when his children learned to read… because Kenny struggled every single day to the point of despair - he thought he would never read at all.

Unaware he was suffering with extreme dyslexia, the impact of feeling like a failure was so traumatic that he left school without much hope of ever being ‘normal’. Fortunately, the story goes onto explain how he has enjoyed a wonderful career in sport and incredible support from his wife Gabby Logan who organised a programme of cerebellum exercises to improve the function of recall and remembering. It took time and patience but Kenny now loves to read with his young children - you can find the full article here: Kenny Logan physical literacy

Professor Geraint Jones and Kenny Logan talk STEP physical literacy live on BBC Radio Scotland, Thursday 27th October 2016 at 10.35am. Listen to the show by clicking on this link - STEP Physical Literacy with Stephen Jardine