Mississippi teacher makes an impact on International Radio

Mississippi’s Stephanie Cotnam, appeared on BBC radio this week to talk about the noticeable positive impact STEP physical literacy had on the children she works with at Lake Elementary School.

And to prove just how dedicated a teacher she is - the interview was being broadcast live to the world from the Highlands of Scotland… which meant a 4am start for Stephanie!

Her points focused on attainment – see the quote below:

Students, who once felt like failures struggling to succeed, have found the key to help transform their lives.  STEP's use of physical literacy helps empower children to become academically successful.  In addition to the academic gains, students also build self-confidence and self-control that allows them to better communicate with teachers, students and family members.  If you have never seen the program in action, you must observe it. The way the children light up when they meet a new goal in the program and achieve academic success in the classroom is inspiring.  


Governor Bryant recently met with the STEP team to find out exactly what fun cerebellum exercises can be when integrated with teaching and learning.

Tate Reeves told the STEP team he is delighted to hear Lake High School are working hard to improve progress.

Stephanie believes every child counts – if you want to talk to her or the physical literacy team please do not hesitate to get in touch.