South Panola School District STEP into physical literacy

In February 2017, Meagan Hartman - STEP Project Manager, trained STEP Coaches at South Panola School.

South Panola School District serves approximately 4,500 students on six campuses throughout Batesville and the southern portion of Panola County. 

The school has selected a number of children with low self esteem who will benefit from daily physical literacy exercises. 

STEP can be completed by almost any student, but the greatest impact is shown on those in the lower quartile of the classroom. On the latest study of over 100 students, the following improvements were shown:

  • Improved Physical Ability - All students showed considerable improvements in their physical abilities, which led to improved group participation, playground participation, and greater confidence in their physical abilities.
  • Improved Learning Outcomes - Students who complete the program show significant improvements in their academic performance, particularly in literacy and math.
  • Improved Behavior and Well-being - Teachers reported noticeable improvement in STEP students’ classroom behavior. As they progressed through the program, students began to re-engage with their classroom learning and stopped using poor behavior, such as avoidance strategies.

Staff STEP training - ready to start student mentoring in the Fall.

South Panola Presbyterian Day School STEP Physical Literacy Program Coaches