STEP into Florida with Carla Buford of Jefferson County School District

Students attending the 5th Annual Global O'hana Institute Conference in Florida this week, will demonstrate how it feels to be a comitted physical literacy ace by enjoying specifically designed cerebellum exercises from The STEP Program.

Showcased at O'hana as one of the innovative technology solutions for student achievement in the classroom, Jefferson County School District STEP Coaches are available all week at the conference to answer questions and share their experiences of the positive outcomes that physical literacy ignites in young children. District STEP Manager Carla Buford (Mississippi) will be speaking at 11:30am on Thursday about the direct impact STEP had on her students to industry leaders at Rosemary Beach. Don't miss it!

O'hana means family and the teaching ethos of this whole conference aligns with that of STEP ...Student Centered - Student Led. Goals involve an exchange of ideas and to convey how personalized experiences are transforming education.

Contact STEP if you are attending the Conference and would like to find out more.