STEP into the US! Itawamba County School District teacher training

This week we are completing the STEP physical literacy training course for teachers at Itawamba County School District in Mississippi.

52 students will be soon able to enjoy the opportunity of improved attainment after embarking on The STEP Program, thanks to the dedication of their educators who are keen to improve attainment.

Physical literacy addresses a child's core physical capabilities - their skill set and is thus different from geneeral PE or sport. The STEP Program focusses on three main skills: balance, eye-tracking, and coordination. Each student completes two exercises comprised of one or more of these skills in their morning session and repeats them again in the afternoon. Pupils also enjoy the benefit of 100 minutes of extra exercise per week and the Program embeds the idea of daily physical exercise into a pupil's routine. Making exercise a part of a daily lifestyle assists in tackling obesity, general activity and an awareness of healthy living.

Read the WTVA article outlining the reason why educators link coordination with learning.

One of the teachers, Julie Watson and Special Education Diretor for the Itawamba County School District, LeAnne Robinson, spoke to The Itawamba County Times (click on the button below to read the full article) about the positive impact STEP had on one particular student - not just in her grades but also in her well being.

The Itawamba County Times

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Itawamba School STEP training