Physical Literacy at Glendening Elementary School in Ohio

Curt Brogan, Principal of Glendening Elementary School in Ohio has welcomed the start of The STEP Program and placed 21 children identified for extra support on immediate entry.

So far, there has been over 80% compliance with everyone reporting back to their teachers that they are throughly enjoing the daily ten minute exercises delivered by ESC (Educational Service Center of Central Ohio).

STEP is proven to accelerate student reading growth and is most beneficial for the first quartile of students. The Groveport Madison School District Superintendent worked with Curt and members of his team to train as Physcial Literacy Coaches before implementing STEP into the school day.


Many schools and districts administer STEP to improve the abilities for students to learn, pay attention, and improve individual student achievement.

Physical Literacy is the mastering of the core physical skills of balance, coordination, and eye-tracking through personalized exercises. Students who confidently develop their physical literacy are proven to learn more effectively, socialize more easily, and participate more positively both inside and outside the classroom.

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STEP Physical Literacy for children aged 7-13