Targeting Behavior

From underperforming to most able, disengaged to outspoken, classrooms hold children across the breadth of abilities. The STEP Physical Literacy Program works well when built into a school development plan as primary schools can aim to achieve improved progress results in a prescribed time limit.

When the ten minute, twice daily, fun physical exercise sessions were delivered over a period of one year, independent assessors noticed that STEP made a significant impact on those children whose needs were influenced by emotional and behavioral difficulties. Other kids in the group simply enjoyed the process as a fun session which gave them more physical awareness and therefore greater self-confidence.

STEP Impacts

STEP Champions

Students are eligible for graduation from the STEP program after the first 2 years of participation when they achieve at least 11 out of the 16 levels of STEP. When students reach this “graduation” status, their STEP Coaches—in coordination with the school’s Lead STEP Coach—makes the determination for when to celebrate the student’s achievement. Once students graduate and become a STEP Champion, students receive a certificate, and another student may begin the program in place of the graduate.

Key STEP facts:

STEP is a pull-out intervention for students aged 7-13

Students are overseen on a one-to-one basis

Each session takes 7-10 minutes, twice daily

Quality of delivery directly correlates to results

Resource model on a school-by-school basis:

One STEP Coach may work with 10 students

Ten STEP Coaches may work with 1 student each

STEP Success Team works with schools to implement according to local needs

Better Physical Control = Better Emotional Control = Better Behaviour

Behavior plans that include a physical literacy Program as a controlled way of providing support for students can be a positive choice when looking for stimulating activities.

“The STEP Program has made an amazing difference”

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant

I Want Physical Literacy In My School